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Thursday, Aug 16, 2018

ALL #1 Wholesale customers must provide us with a copy of their business license or Tax ID. We must ensure we are selling to companies with legal capabilities to resell. Any customer purchasing tobacco must provide us with a tobacco license. We are currently licensed to charge taxes in GA and NC.

All orders received before 3PM EST will ship the same day. Any order received after will ship the next day. All freight orders will take 24-72 hours to ship.

If you need a physical copy of our catalogs, please contact us at 800-706-7253 or sales@sahnient.com. The digital version is available on the home page.

Call in (800-706-7253). Fax in (888-421-0690). Email your sales rep or sales@1wholesale.com.

Our hookahs are NOT separated by color. But if you specify colors, they will be pulled. Please note, this will increase your shipping time by 1-2 days.

Please be sure to reach out to your sales rep if you receive anything broken/damaged. Sending pictures will expedite the process.

Our sales reps are not allowed to offer any customers free shipping. We ship UPS preferably. We can also ship Fedex, DHL, or Freight.